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My lift does not extend, what can I do?
  1. Check whether the lifting platform is supplied with power or whether the main switch is on.
  2. Make sure that no emergency stop is pressed.
  3. Check, if available, whether the light barrier is not actuated.
My lift does not extend to end stop, what can I do?

Please check the oil level and top up oil if necessary.

My lift does not go down, what can I do?
    1. Check whether the lifting platform is supplied with power or whether the main switch is on


  1. If necessary, the latch mechanism does not retract and release the lowering valve. (NFZ)
My lift only descends on one side, what could it be?

A lowering valve coil is defective and must be replaced.

The red/green light on my lift no longer works, what could it be?
  1. The head piece does not move down completely because there is something underneath.
  2. The non-contact switch on the hydraulic cylinder is defective.
One cylinder of my lift does not move left/right, what could be the problem?
  1. The slipping clutch of the traverse motor must be readjusted.
  2. The traverse motor is defective.
  3. One or both traversing chains are torn off.
Which oil do I need to refill?

Since 1980, an HLPD 68 has been used as standard.

What data does JAB need to process my request in the best possible way?

Please tell us the type of the lift, the year of manufacture and the factory number of the model it is.

How often should a compressor be serviced?

The regular maintenance intervals are based on the actual operating hours. This means that a compressor that does not reach the operating hours within 12 months still requires service, as various wear parts and FIlters are subject to an aging process. It is recommended to keep the specified maintenance intervals – minimum interval 1x per year.

My compressor does not build oil pressure, what can I do?

Please check the direction of motor rotation, the compressor is probably rotating in the wrong direction and therefore cannot build up oil pressure.

How often must the oil be changed?

The oil is usually changed in connection with regular maintenance. Depending on the installation and intake conditions, the oil change intervals may also differ.

What kind of oil should I use?

In principle, a compressor oil approved by the manufacturer must be used. Depending on the use of the system, synthetic oils can also be used in addition to mineral oils.

What data does JAB need to process my spare parts request?

Please tell us the type, serial number and year of manufacture. The data can be found on the type plate on the crankcase.

Can I sign a special service contract for my compressor?

Each compressor and compressor unit has its own characteristics and special requirements. You can conclude an agreement for each of these requirements. Thus, they ensure that low operating costs and high operational reliability are guaranteed.

What is the service life of a compressor and how can it be extended?

The service life of a compressor is primarily based on the operating hours and not necessarily on the year of manufacture. Thus, it is not necessarily possible to quantify a service life. Due to technical progress, it must be checked whether an added value can be created by replacement. This can also be done, for example, by modifying existing compressors, including the replacement of improved electric motors.

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